Find out your competitor's Shopify theme and apps

Are you looking to stay ahead of the competition and boost your Shopify store's performance? Look no further than our powerful detection tools that allow you to discover your competitor's Shopify themes and apps.

Shopify Theme Detector

Database of +80 themes

Our detector recognizes all the themes from the official Shopify theme store and the most popular ones from independent creators.

We provide the actual theme

Most Shopify theme detectors give the name of the theme after it has been renamed. However, Detectify gives the original name of the theme as well as the link to its demo and some example stores.


Shopify App Detector

Database of +300 apps

Our detector is designed to identify the most widely-used apps available in the official Shopify app store.

Not only apps

Our detector also provides information on other embedded software such as payment methods or analytics.