Shopify App Detector

Have you ever wondered how to find out which apps a store is using on Shopify? Discover it now with our Shopify App Detector.

How to know which apps a Shopify store is using?

If you want to find out exactly which apps a Shopify store is using, simply use our Shopify App Detector, and it will reveal all the apps with just one click.

On the other hand, if you want to find out which theme a Shopify store is using, you can use our Shopify Theme Detector. With this tool, you can easily know the theme that a Shopify store is using.

How to use Shopify App Detector

If you're curious about which apps a Shopify store is using our app detector tool can make the process much easier. Here are some simple steps to use our Shopify App Detector:

  1. Enter the store's URL into the input box.
  2. Click the "Analyze" button.
  3. Navigate through the tabs to see the Shopify apps, payment methods and analytics software used in the store you have entered.

How accurate are the Shopify App Detector results?

Our Shopify app detector is a powerful tool that utilizes a sophisticated algorithm and a vast database of over 300 apps from the Shopify App store to provide accurate and reliable results for most Shopify stores.

With regular updates to the database, you can trust that our tool will provide you with the latest information on the apps being used by the top-performing Shopify stores.

What are the best Shopify apps for my store?

When you view the results of your search, you will see that some apps have a label next to them that says "Recommended." This means that it is one of the best Shopify apps and is recommended by the Detectify team.

If you want to learn more about the best Shopify apps, you can visit our post about the 5 Best Shopify Apps in 2023.